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Protect Children!!!

Child protection laws are made to

protect children from any kind of abuse.

These child protection laws will

help your child to grow up

confidently without any fear.

Children should grow into

happy and healthy adults.

For that there should be

strict implementation of

child protection laws.

This Is The Greatest Time Of the YEAR!!!

What Nutritional Needs Does Your Child Have?

From birth to adulthood, kids need the right foods in order to grow and thrive. The brain needs the right nutrition to think correctly and the heart needs the right foods to stay healthy.

The nutritional needs of a child are constantly changing as he ages, and the nutritional needs have to be adjusted whenever there’s a growth spurt - such as puberty. When a child doesn’t eat right, it doesn’t just affect him now. If it continues, not eating the right kinds of foods can have lasting effects if not corrected.

Food is energy - and the right foods contain the vitamins and minerals a child needs to do well in life. Poor nutrition affects children physically, behaviorally and mentally. The way a child eats now can play a role in his health as an adult.

Not eating right affects a child’s learning skills and shows up in difficulty paying attention and poor academic performance. A child’s social skills are affected, too. When he’s not eating right, his ability to communicate is affected, he’ll be sluggish and poor nutrition can cause stunted growth and a poor ability in sports or group activities with his peers.

Having a poor diet can lead to a weakened immune system and prevent a child from being able to fight off illnesses. Another danger with children and nutrition is through forced extreme diets.

Any diet that completely removes any food group from the list is dangerous. Diets that are bad for children are diets that are too high in fiber, fad diets, low dairy and low fat or low carb diets.

Kids can’t thrive on a diet created with an adult’s nutritional needs in mind. If your child is struggling with a weight problem, focus on eating balanced meals, healthy snacks and moving more physically.

A child’s nutritional needs can be completely met by serving him a diet that’s balanced with correct servings for his age from the five food groups. Every child needs a healthy breakfast to start the day right.

Eating breakfast helps kids pay attention in school and it also helps with memory and cognitive skills. Breakfast helps prevent irritability and lethargy. Kids who eat a poor breakfast or skip it altogether are more at risk for weight struggles.

It can be difficult to get picky eaters to want to eat healthy foods of any kind, and one way to get around that is to limit the foods offered to your child to primarily healthy choices, instead of nothing but instant junk food.

But offer him some choices, otherwise, it can become a power struggle. Don’t make food boring. Use shapes, colors and colorful, fun dishes to serve the food on. Put vegetables into casseroles, soups and put fruit into blended fruit drinks or cereal.

What was it like to learn that your child wouldn't be promoted to the next grade?

Children's Book Read Aloud - Fun Food to Make and Eat



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Food Guide For Kids (Ages 5 to 10 Years Old)

A national study shows that more and more children are dealing with obesity. The numbers of children with poor nutrition is astounding. Macaroni and cheese, hot-dogs, and French fries were among the top food choices for children. So how do we get them to eat better? The first step is to make sure they eat what is cooked. If you are serving a food dish they don't like, they can have the choice of eating it or not having dinner. This can be really difficult at first and can start a big fight. When introducing new foods that you think your kids won't like, also serve something good that you know they will eat. This can help eliminate the problem of them 'starving to death". Once your children know that they must try new foods, it allows you to begin experimenting. For our family, I found a recipe book that had 36 weeks of recipes. The first time we used the book, each family member rated the dinner item. I placed a star by the recipe for each family member that liked the food. Now when we go through the book, if an item has fewer than 3 or 4 stars, I skip that meal. Find recipes that provide good nutrition – legumes, vegetables, fruits. We all remember the food pyramid from our days of school. If your kids are eating school lunch, they are getting one good nutritious meal. You can follow their food guidelines when planning your own meals. Keep the monthly calendar with the meals the school has planned, and follow them for dinner (in a different month). Introduce foods that you know your children didn't like before, and have them try one bite. Kid's taste buds change over time, and something they hated before they might really like now.

Watching Our Children Grow UP!!

Watching Our Children Grow UP!!



Home Schooling


Once your child starts school, there are required several changes in his room’s layout. Now, a study place is a must, a place where the little scholar can prepare for school, learn and do his homework.

The study place has to be regularly near the window so that his arm will now place a shadow on the books in front of him. Accordingly to this rule, if we are talking about a right-handed child, the light must be on his left, and if talking about a left-handed child, the light must be on his right.

Due to the new born needs of the school-boy, the furniture must include a desk and some small cabinets or a small bookcase.

The study table or desk must have at least 60 X 90 cm and its height and inclination has to be adjustable. There must be some kind of drawers nest to it or in it to deposit books, paper, pens and other school stuff.

For this same purpose, the parents must consider buying a bookcase or a cabinet for books, which fits the room and the height of your child. For a optimal use of space, a desk with a study table and some shelves can be chosen.

Natural lighting has to be supplemented or maintained by a local light. This is why the desk must have on it a lamp with adjustable arm, placed in such a way that it can focalize the light precisely to the point it is needed.

The chair must have an adjustable height, fitting the one of the scholar.

Recently, the computer became a necessary object in the child’s room, even in the early student’s room. Used either for fun or study, it has to become a familiar instrument for the little one.

An “L” shaped desk allows a good position for the computer, with the monitor on one side in the corner. Be careful because the distance from the monitor and to the eyes of the person using the computer has to be of 50 – 70 cm. To better respect this distance, some desks are equipped with a special space for the monitor, positioned a little higher than the actual desk.

Christian Stories For Children

Christian Stories For Children

The bible is full of inspirational stories each one of these short story has morals and values that everyone can learn from and share with others.

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